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The Highway Marker I selected is located in Cairo, Georgia. This Highway marker basically highlights that the area is the birthplace of the first African-American man to be drafted into a Major League team. This player is very well-known as Jackie Robinson. The marker goes on the highlight in very short synopsis the life and the achievements of Jackie Robinson. I find this interesting that Jackie Robinson’s success is being celebrated in the some state that the Mary Turner Lynching Rampage happened. An incredibly terrible event that I chose not to do because of how sick it made me. The story is sad and an example of pure terrorism. I chose the Jackie Robinson highway Marker because I am a Sports Management major and this was a situation where I could converge something that I love to study with history. I also chose this because there is a discrepancy with the fact that Jackie Robinson was the First African American Baseball Player to drafted into a Major league team. This discrepancy fits into what Trouillot was talking about in his article “Silencing the Past” how history sometimes is manipulated by certain groups to fit a certain agenda. This is not something that was foreign to the Civil Rights movement. The first African American Baseball Player was Moses Fleetwood Walker and he accomplished this 6 decades before Jackie Robinson and in some cases he faced more severe levels of discrimination from his white counterparts and fans. “Walker was constantly subjected to abuse from fans, the press, players who did not want to take the field against him, and even his teammates. From the latter group, Walker may have had the worst experience from at least two fellow players who were open segregationists. ” (

Moses Fleetwood played for the Toledo Blue stockings which when you think about it compared to a team like the Dodgers is not a really big team. I am not saying this is the main reason for why they continue to downplay Moses Fleetwood’s achievements but, It can be assumed that this was done because Moses had not broken the color barrier of a POPULAR Major League team. Therefore, his achievements were shoved aside and with the excitement of Jackie Robinson ultimately became forgotten. This has nothing to do with the two men. Both were absolutely incredible players and deserve to be celebrated and I am not blaming this error on the Civil Right Movement but, they advertised Robinson a lot more than they did Moses Fleetwood. This is just an example of what Trouillot covered. If I asked anyone anywhere, Who was the first African-American Baseball player to play in Major League Baseball? The answer across the board would be Jackie Robinson because he was pushed and talked about the most. That’s who we know and recognize and who we accredit with that title when he was not the First.

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