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Creating a Tiny Data Set + Blog post #5 

The works in which this data can be utilized: 

I found this quite interesting because I feel like this information could be used in a paper utilizing the prompt from our last blog post. The paper can cover the significance and maybe the lost history behind these “donations” that were being given away. I feel that would be incredibly interesting and it would be really cool to look into some of these donations and get an idea of their significance. 

Categories I chose for my tiny data set: 

Page Number of Folio:

Thinking from a research perspective of tidying up raw data like the curator’s records to make it comprehensible for me when I wanted to pull from that data to serve as evidence having the page number as one of my variables seemed rather essential to the way I record and utilize research. It would be easy to cite a specific page or refer back to a description for a specific donation.

Date of Meeting:

I found it important to include the date of meeting as one of my original variables because it would be important for a research paper. If I wanted to look up the significance of that donation knowing the year could really narrow down my search. 


While I might see it as essential to include the donor, others might not. I made sre to include the donor because this was how I was able to effectively organize my rows seeing as by the principles of tidy data each row needs to represent an observation or a singular individual. Using names was the best way I saw to organize my data. 

Donation Item(s):

Adding the item is something I saw as essential to facilitate further research. If I was writing a paper utilizing this specific source, knowing the items that they donated could help give me an idea of the values of the time or maybe an idea of what was prioritized. 

Description of Donation

I did not include this in my tidy data set because I felt that a couple of the items were pretty self explanatory. I curated my tidy data set to the way I personally process information. I like things clean and concise and sometimes heavily detailed. I knew I could simply utilize the page number column on my sheet to refer back to the record and find a description. Including a description was not something I wanted to do personally. 

Additional variables: 

I added one additional tab that goes into depth with specific donors and how many contributions in total they had made. We only had to analyze a couple of pages per group but I figured this is a feature that would  have been incredibly useful to me if I had to create a tiny data sheet for all the pages in the Curator’s record. Because some donor’s appeared more than once in the pages assigned to me I decided to include it anyway. 

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