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When you Google yourself, what results do you get? Do those results reflect who you are and how you want others to perceive you? In what ways will your website help you in creating or modifying your existing digital presence? (400 words minimum) 

The 1st item (Nana Osei-Owusu vs State):

This was a rape case, filed against someone with almost the same name as me. In Ghana the name Nana is unisex. It does not have a gender distinction and because of that the options that came up during this google search were both men and women. This particular case the subject was a man and he had a rape charge filed against him. I found this as terribly disturbing for me because this was associated to my name. While it may not be me having this associated to the search of my name makes me extremely uncomfortable.

None of the other items on the first page were associated with me personally because of how popular my name is. I was very surprised I was hoping the information that would come up would be directed towards me and maybe some of my social media presence but, I forgot how traditionally Ghanian my name was and because of that a lot of Ghanian news, other Ghanian people associated with that name came up with the search.

In terms of images it was a lot of men and Ghanian royalty. This is because the name “Nana” is a title associated with royalty. So, that tends to be a lot of the results that came up with my search. I’m sure at some point if I was to dig through every single page towards the end I would have found something closely related to me and my current social media presence but, for the first couple of pages it had nothing really associated to me.

I tried searching up my name with my middle name and really did not find and specific information associated with me. This is because again of the popularity of my middle name. In Ghana you middle name is assigned to based on the day you are born. I was born on a Sunday so my middle name is Akosua(if you are female) and because of that I share a middle name with a lot of other Ghanian women born on Sunday. So my search again was swarmed with other Akosua’s all over the world


While from what I heard in a lot of my peers in class this search was something that really put them on the spot and put them on edge because they felt very exposed. Some of my peers sharing that they found their personal information was found during the search. While this is not to say that my personal information does not exist out there somewhere, this “experiment” was a wakeup call to me reminding me of how many people share my a piece of my identity(name) and how many of them do not think the way I do. I felt a little uncomfortable but, it just scared me that if someone did not know me personally and just looked up my name that this would be what they would find makes me a little uncomfortable. Especially with the first item that came up.

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